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Love & MAGIC

with Romany

I never know where I'm going to be next or what I'll be asked to do, and I'd love to have your company as I adventure on. I'll let you know if I'm doing a show or a book event near you or if I come across a particularly tasty tip or laugh to pass on.

Every time I see another fabulous person has joined my list, I  do a little jump of excitement, so please sign up!

My Love & MAGIC newsletter will appear magically about once a month given smooth seas and a fair wind. 


To thank you for joining me, my free pdf summary of tried & tested Magical Methods for Adventure and Happiness called 


will arrive Schwoosh! in your in-box.


I would truly LOVE to have your company!  

Please zimble your name in the form to the right, and let's vamooosh on this wonderful adventure together!                     


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