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                               ~ The Secret Life of a Female Magician ~


This book is for anyone who has ever had a dream. 

For anyone who wants to remember how magic works.

Romany - Diva of Magic, is a successful female magician. 

She performs her award-winning one-woman comedy magic show all over the world in beautiful theatres. 

But as a chubby little girl, her dream of making it in showbiz didn’t look likely. 

This is not a tale of overnight success but a rollercoaster story of determination and persistence—about deciding that you’re going to walk stubbornly towards your heart’s desire and not stop until you’re there, trusting that the next step will appear—as if by magic.

Bold, brave and beautiful. 

This book might just change your life. 

Romany is handing you her sunlight. 

Take it. 


"Spun Into Gold is utterly delicious ... inspiring ... laugh out loud funny ... gob-smacking ... relatable to ... magical ... authentic ... heart-breaking ... thought-provoking ... real ... and beautifully written." - Sabine Jackson












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