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"You are a f**king Goddess!"   Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat Pray Love and other fabulous books. 

"This book changed my life.  It made me remember that I am the magician of my own destiny.  It made me believe that wonderful things are possible and just around the corner. I didn't want it to end." 

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"It's the quality of the writing that drags you into this book and the combination of courage, visceral honesty and laugh-out-loud funny that keep you reading. You cannot help but fall in love with Romany's unfailing optimism, love of humanity and refusal to be cowed by some of the horrors she faces. Had me doing internal fist pumps at her triumphs and provoked genuine tears at her moments of heartbreak. A really wonderful account of the vicissitudes of a career in the arts from a female perspective - if you want the truth about what that entails, read this book!" Paul Harris


"I have just finished Romany's book Spun into Gold and I absolutely loved it. I laughed, I cried, at times I had to put down the book and clap with delight. But, most of all, I was inspired and encouraged. Thank you, Romany for obeying the call and writing it." John H


"Oh, that feeling of coming to the end of a wonderful book and wanting to start it all over again ... and tell everybody else to read it so I can vicariously share their pleasure? Listen up!
Spun Into Gold is utterly delicious ... inspiring ... laugh out loud funny ... gob-smacking ...relateable to ... magical ... authentic ... heart-breaking ... thought provoking ... real ... and beautifully written."  Sharon B

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